75mm M18 Brass Shell Casing
Product ID : TMBSCM18
105mm M14 Brass Shell Casing
Product ID : TMBSCM14
WWII Japanese Tropical Trousers,(orig)
Product ID : TMIJAT
WWII Japanese Naval Officer's (Ensign) Collar Tabs
Product ID : TMJOCT
Soviet Defense Of Sevastopol Medal
Product ID : TMSR26
Soviet Capture Of Konigsberg Medal
Product ID : TMSR25
Soviet Defense Of The Caucasus Medal
Product ID : TMSR21
Soviet WWII Victory Over Japan Medal
Product ID : TMSR20
Soviet 250th Anniversary Of Leningrad Medal
Product ID : TMSR18
Soviet Victory Over Germany Medal
Product ID : TMSR15
Soviet Medal For Heroic Work During WWII
Product ID : TMSR14
Soviet 10 Year Service in the Armed Forces Medal
Product ID : TMSR12
Soviet 40th Anniversary of The Great Patriotic War
Product ID : TMSR10
Soviet 30th Anniversary Of The Army Navy Medal
Product ID : TMSR8
Soviet 50th Anniversary Of The Armed Forces
Product ID : TMSR6